Wednesday, July 4, 2018

2018 Mission Trip 
Day 5
Happy 4th of July
Independence Day

Well, what God had in store for us today was rain and lots of it!  We woke up to a down pour and for the first time in mission trip history we did not go to the job site as a group.  Just a few of the adult leaders and students went to re cover the exposed roof with thicker plastic.  Water was leaking through into the home and onto her furnishings.  But God works in mysterious ways.  While fixing the roof it was discovered that a previous group had an electrical wire in front of a stud and a drywall screw had been put through the wire.  This could have caused an electrical fire and the house to burn down.  It had already begun to smolder.  So they fixed that to make the house safe and prepped the site for the full crew for tomorrow.  
Now, what to do with a bunch of kids on a rainy day in Hollywood SC? Well after much discussion with the adults, the senior student leaders made a proclamation that all cell phones be turned in and they have a day of fellowship, games, and rest.  What no cell phones???? The adults were not sure how this would go over with the rest of the group.  Surprisingly all willingly handed them in and we began our rainy day.
We started with our discussion group and talked about ways we show and defend our faith both through our words as well as our actions.  The small groups broke out for further talks and then it was time for games.  Some students played Uno, others played an intense game of indoor balloon volleyball while others went straight to the resting part of the program.  Later in the afternoon the sun came out and they played a spirited game of Frisbee.  The students then took their showers to get ready for dinner.  The kitchen crew made another wonderful meal of hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, potatoes and watermelon.  After dinner we loaded up onto the bus and went to the Riverfront Park which was the old Charleston Naval Base to see fireworks. Everyone enjoyed the different food and drink vendors and a spectacular display.  We got back to Christ St. Paul's around 10:30 and got ready for lights out.  Hopefully no rain tomorrow!  
We hope everyone at home had a wonderful 4th of July!

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