Tuesday, July 3, 2018

2018 Mission Trip Day 4

Everyone is starting to get into the mission trip routine.  Wake up early, eat breakfast, do chores, and off to the work site.  This morning for breakfast we had pancakes and bacon as well as yogurt and fruit and then loaded up onto the bus to go to the job site.  When we got there the students unloaded and started to look for jobs.  Roofing crews were formed and up they went to try and get as much accomplished before another afternoon rain.  The dry wall crew gathered their supplies and worked on taping and mudding wall seams.  They got a little carried away with the mud and somehow ended up having clay facials.  As predicted the afternoon thunder showers rolled in and work stopped immediately.  For safety, the students gathered in the house until the stormed passed and the adults packed up the supplies.  That ended the work for the day.  Time for showers and then the annual trip to Rural Mission's for their seafood jamboree.  This is a favorite night for mission trip folks not only because of the delicious food but more importantly the spiritual fellowship with inspirational music.  Students and adults joined in singing, clapping and sharing a very moving time of christian communion.  After dinner, everyone gathered outside for a beautiful sunset on the water.  We then loaded up onto the bus and headed back to Christ St. Paul's. Lights out at 10:30 to rest up and recharge for what God has in store for us tomorrow!

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  1. Hi All, really enjoying the photos and blog! So proud of you guys. You look like a professional crew out there. Stay hydrated and give my Ruby a hug for me.