Monday, July 2, 2018

2018 Mission Trip Day 3

Today was a fabulous first day on the work site!!  Everyone woke up to another beautiful sunny day and was excited to start work.  We ate a delicious breakfast, gathered for prayer and we're off.  This year’s work site consists of two houses right next to each other and both need sections of the roof replaced and some interior drywall work.  The students arrived at the site, unloaded the bus and trailer and got straight to work.  Tarps were laid out around each house to catch debris and students scrambled up ladders onto the roof and started taking off the old shingles.  Everyone worked efficiently and very cohesively for the first day on the job and much was accomplished until a rain shower slowed things down.  Hopefully all will dry out overnight enough to continue working on the roof tomorrow.  After a long first day, the students were bused over to the local high school again for showers.  Once back at the church, students had free time until dinner.  After dinner we all played a fun and friendly game of kickball until it was time to have our Christian formation and small group discussion.  Tonight the students were asked to think about and discuss questions on repentance, reconciliation and forgiveness.  Then it was time for bed with lights out at 10pm so everyone will be well rested for tomorrow's work.

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