Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mission Trip 2018 Our First Day

We have arrived and the adventure begins!  St. James' and St. Paul's students and adults reunited for another year of hard work and spiritual growth.  It was wonderful to see the many familiar faces as well as all the new folks.  After we arrived the students unloaded the bus and claimed bed space in the parish hall that will be theirs for the next week.   More important space close to an electrical socket!  Then it was off to Wide Awake Park to see the beautiful water and give the kitchen staff time to prepare dinner.  We returned back to Christ St. Paul's to a wonderful dinner of baked chicken, potatoes, broccoli and salad with monster bars for dessert.  Thank you kitchen staff YUM!!!  After dinner it was time to get to know the rules for the week and get to know each other a little better.  Everyone introduced themselves and their favorite vacation place and then broke out into their small groups.  Our spiritual theme for this week is to focus on God's purpose for us and how we can embrace it.  Students are challenged to explore God's influence in their life and how they are making choices and decisions.  We look forward to a wonderful week filled with new experiences and time of fellowship.

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